Delighting in diversity

Henleaze Infants’ School held a week of learning about different cultures and exploring the sense of belonging that we feel beyond our differences. Children explored languages, stories, art, music, dance and food from around the globe, marvelling at new discoveries and recognising their own cultures with delight.

Language sessions were expertly run by Redmaids’ High School staff and pupils, whose energy and enthusiasm were infectious as they taught some Spanish and German vocabulary. Reception and Year 1 had vibrant West African dance workshops from Movema, funded by the school’s parent teacher association, FHIS. Year 2 enjoyed international cookery workshops from Travelling Kitchens, also provided by FHIS. This resulted in a feast for the Year 2s, as well as extra platefuls to contribute to the Cultural Food Share Event after school.

The Food Share Event was a lively occasion with families excitedly trying an extraordinary range of foods from many different cultures represented within the school community. The sun shone, and families spilled out onto the beautiful outdoor space to picnic on their chosen samples of dishes from Britain, Europe, Africa, The Caribbean, India, China, South America and the Middle East. There was a warm, buzzing atmosphere as the diverse community enjoyed gathering and sharing together.

All in all, it has been a week filled with excitement and joy in learning and growing for both the children and the wider school community.