Get on board with Bristol Monopoly 2023 

A new edition of the Bristol Monopoly board game on which more than thirty landmarks, tourist attractions, sports grounds and companies appear has been given a civic seal of approval. 

Helping to officially launch the game, Bristol’s Acting Lord Mayor, Councillor Steve Pearce said:  “I was born in Bristol and have always lived here. I’ve visited other cities but have always found Bristol to be the best. I am very proud of my city and this game is fantastic. I hope it sells millions of copies with each one spreading the name of Bristol further afield.

“The first edition of Bristol Monopoly came out 20 years ago. As a keen player myself I’m very much looking forward to playing the new version.”

Taking pride of place on the board is Clifton Suspension Bridge, which occupies London’s “Mayfair square” on the original game. The bridge appeared on the first Bristol board but not so prominently. Other Clifton sites are Clifton Downs, Clifton Arcade, Clifton College, Bristol University’s Wills Building,  Park Street and Queens Road.

Across the city the  ss Great Britain, College Green, Ashton Gate stadium, Bristol Airport, Finzel’s Reach near Castle Park, the Imperial Sports ground at Brislington, Bristol Blue Glass based on Bath Road, Cameron Balloons of Bedminster, appear on the board

All the sites were chosen by people in Bristol in a poll organised by the makers of the game earlier this year.

There have been some complaints that Bristol City’;s ground features but the Memorial Stadium is not there and east Bristol has been ignored.

But  John Keen-Tomlinson, custom games executive at Winning Moves UK, which produce official versions of Monopoly across the world, said: 

“The response from the Bristol public has been overwhelming. A very big thank you to everyone who sent in nominations.” 

 Three local charities also get to ‘Pass GO’, following a public vote: The Grand Appeal, Bristol Animal Rescue Centre and Empire Fighting Chance, which uses sport to challenge and inspire young people to realise their potential.