Redmaids’ High expands A-levels offering

Redmaids’ High School is changing its sixth-form offer from next September.

The school is extending its range of A-level subjects and dropping the International Baccalaureate Diploma, which it has been running for 15 years.

All students will still have the opportunity to complete the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and will be able to choose from a number of additional qualifications known as Electives. These have been introduced in response to demand from students.

A Redmaids’ High spokesperson said: “We will no longer be offering the IB as a single qualification to new Year 12 students, but we will continue to offer elements of it that we know are enjoyed. The change has come after much discussion with students and listening to what they would want from their academic journey. Flexibility was a key part of that and so we decided to revise our curriculum, offering a broader range of A Level subjects that can be mix and matched with additional qualifications.”

The Elective options will include Marine Science IGCSE, courses such as AFA Creative Writing and certificates such as TEFL online, Higher Sports Leader and food hygiene.

Sixth-form students will have access to higher education and career guidance such as  one-on-one guidance mentoring and UCAS conventions as well as specialised support for candidates applying for Oxbridge, health professions such as medicine and dentistry, degree apprenticeships and overseas applications.

Throughout the two years, students will receive education on independent living, professional networking, interview preparation, and work experience opportunities. 

All students will engage with weekly volunteering and activities.

Director of Redmaids’ High Sixth Form Lisa Moyle says, “As a Sixth Form, we are constantly evolving to support our ongoing aim to offer an education that is personal, challenging and has a global outlook.  

“We know that no two students are the same and we firmly believe that by providing our new programme, our students will be able to enjoy a Sixth Form that best suits them. We promise to not only guide them through their final two years of school, but broaden their horizons and enable them to feel astute and ready to meet the demands of universities and workplaces in today’s world.” 

Mrs Moyle said every student would be able to apply for a grant of up to £250, designed to support a passion for learning or furthering personal development. Such examples could be a public speaking course, a sport coaching qualification or a professional musician’s master class. 

 “We are incredibly proud to offer these transformative grants to our Sixth Form community. They will be very personal to our students, and help us go that extra mile to enable them to take charge of their own development and future”, she said

Redmaids’ High School has, this summer, refurbished its Sixth Form Centre. The renovated space offers extensive library resources, private study pods, living wall décor and its own café. 

“With our new and flexible academic offering, enhanced Futures Programme and our refurbished space, it couldn’t be a more exciting time to join our Sixth Form,” said Mrs Moyle. 

“We are incredibly excited about the future and warmly invite prospective students and their families to come and explore the new and pioneering opportunities that we can offer them.”