Sofa Project opens warehouse shop

SOFA Project, which has a shop in Gloucester Road, is branching out. As well as extending the shop’s opening hours to Sundays, the charity has opened a warehouse shop next to the recycling centre in Days Road, St Phillips.

Its aim is to sell most of the donated furniture and household goods to raise money to fund initiatives for prisoners, including a furniture upcycling project.

The charity also believes the new shop, which is open on weekdays from 9am to 3.30pm, will be welcomed by hard-pressed families in the city who cannot afford the rapidly-rising cost of new items.

Sofa Project is calling for donations to support its work. Chief executive Nicci Peck said: “We would like more people to donate quality furniture, create work opportunities and buy reused household items to prevent landfill.”

The charity estimates that since 1980 it has prevented almost half a million items reaching landfill. Donations, refurbished by volunteers, people who’ve struggled to find work, and prisoners on rehabilitation programmes, are supplied direct to social housing or through the Gloucester Road shop and another in West Street, Old Market 

Furniture and household goods donations can be made directly to the Sofa Project warehouse and shops. Free collections can be arranged by contacting